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Benny is a lovely Scottish Fold cat. Benny came to Benbro's family house when he was a kitten and Benbro (Benny's human big brother) was the first to find Benny. At the time, Benny and Benbro found each other’s eyes and were staring each other for a long time. From then, Benny has been loving and trusting his big bro, and so has Benbro. Recently, this 1.5 year old cat who loves eating and sleeping, became a friendly father who has two daughters named Berry and Pansy. Benny surprised the family for his gentle in taking care of his kids. However, he is a still playful orange baby cat who has chubby cheeks and fat belly to his big bro ❤ They are gonna love each other forever. What a lovely bromance!! Follow his story on instagram @park_kkone
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