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Sunglass Cat

Instagram: @sunglasscat

SunglassCat was adopted at the age of 2 months from Carson Animal Shelter. This domestic short hair cat is 4 years young, and a Female. She has several hobbies, but a couple of her favorites are lounging on Venice Beach, or going to the Park to Swing in the Baby Swings.

Here is a bit story about why she's called Sunglass Cat:
  "Some of you may think I’m a cool cat because I wear sunglasses, but did you know that they’re medically necessary?! You see, I was born without eyelids and so I cannot develop tears. My sunglasses were custom made after my first eye surgery since I spent everyday on the beach. They protect my eyes from any sort or debris getting into them and scratching my cornea. If they do get scratched, I would end up going blind from the damage that would occur over a period of time. I also cannot regulate my body temperature so you’ll often see me in clothes, or sometimes submerged in water. I have allergies to several different things like food, wood, and carpeting. There’s just too many to name, but have to be careful with all that I do.

  Since I’m a Special Needs Cat, and love people I travel around the USA advocating for the adoption of Special Needs Animals as well as the acceptance of those human or animals that may look different. My other passion is helping others. I believe we were all put on this earth to help one another out. I do a lot of charity work, and I attend numerous charitable functions."

So wear Sunglass Cat merchandise! Let her accompany your daily activities and support what she's doing for the community :)

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