Be Our Affiliate

Kucicat Affiliate Program

At Kucicat, we strongly believe that our success is tied to the success of our affiliates. Because of this belief, we treat our affiliates with as much care as we treat our customers. Highlights of our affiliate program are:

Once you’ve been approved for the Kucicat Affiliate Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share on your website, webinars, social media, video tutorials, educational courses — however you choose.

The more you promote, the more you earn. Take advantage of our simple linking tools and eye-catching banners. Share Kucicat with your audience and monetize your website blogs or social media.

Clear 10% commission on all sales, no catch! Affiliate will be paid monthly or at least earn $50. Payout will be transferred through PayPal.


Who can be our affiliate?

Anyone with a voice can be a Kucicat affiliate. Our affiliate program spans all arenas, attracting the most influential people who use their networks to share Kucicat with their audiences.

Monetize your blog by adding Kucicat banners and affiliate links to your posts.

Are your teaching a course and recommending cat tips or information to your audience? Promote Kucicat as a platform that might help your audience.

Looking for reliable suppliers and resources? Resellers are always welcome.

Social Media Influencers
Use your social prowess to get Kucicat's name out there using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on, the sky is the limit.

Media Networks
Whether you run a business podcast, news outlet, or media hub, Kucicat could be part of the content.

Make a tutorial, review our platform, or show us your store. Shout it from the rooftops and earn big!


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