Cat Automatic Retractable Leash-Leash-Kucicat
Cat Automatic Retractable Leash-Leash-Kucicat
Cat Automatic Retractable Leash-Leash-Kucicat

Cat Automatic Retractable Leash

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Cat Automatic Retractable Leash

This leash harness is adjustable as you can retract or extend it as needed. Keep your pet at a controllable distance. Ergonomic design, concise and compact, comfortable and anti slip. Seize the grip handle and let the rope release as your cat is running. To pull back cat, press button to release lead and move your hand forward, when cat come up to you, press the button again to stop the lead. Should the lead become wet, pull it out of the casing as far as it will go and leave it to dry overnight

Durable leash, sustain cat tension.
Sport equipment, increase exercise of your pet, make your pet healthier.
Automatic pulling back/retraction function, convenient to use.
Made of environmental-friendly material, safe to use.
Inside coil spring design, keep the leash clean.
Lovely appearance, easy to operate.
With extra thick metal buckle.

5 m or 16.4 Ft

Pay attention to the rapid retraction of the metal buckle
Lock the lead to a secure length in dangerous place
Never hold or grab the lead and do not make the rope wrap you or your pet
Never open the casing, the spring inside may hurt you
Never leave your cat unattended with the retractable cat leash
Keep beyong kids's touch
Never let sand or water get in the case
Never let your cat bites the leash

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