Can You Delid 9900k?

Is the 9900k soldered?

The i9-9900K is an 8C/16T CPU with a 5GHz Turbo frequency – likely single-core, again – and uses Coffee Lake architecture.

The 9900K uses soldered TIM, or “STIM” (by Intel’s language), and moves away from the thermal paste that we’ve been berating them over for years..

Is 3900x better than 9900k?

The Core i9-9900K has a base frequency of 3.6GHz and a maximum boost frequency of 5GHz, compared with the Ryzen 9 3900X’s base 3.8GHz speed and 4.6GHz maximum boost. … Here, at least on pure specs, the Ryzen 9 3900X wins hands down. It comes with support for 3,200MHz DDR4 memory and a whopping 70MB L3 cache on the die.

Is Intel Core i9 9900k good for gaming?

Intel says its 8-core, 9th-gen Core i9-9900K is the “world’s best gaming CPU,” but it’s wrong. It’s easily the world’s fastest gaming CPU. … CPU, throw on two more cores and crank the clock speed up to 5GHz almost all of the time, and it’s easy to see how the Core i9-9900K would top the charts.

Is AMD better than Intel?

Intel CPUs are typically the favorite choice for performance and overclocking enthusiasts. … Intel’s top CPUs cost more than their AMD counterparts, especially once you add in a decent cooler, but they’re often a bit faster in games. AMD meanwhile is able to trounce Intel when it comes to multithreaded applications.

Can you Delid 9700k?

The 9700k is SOLDERED, and even delidding and replacing the TIM with liquid metal and using a copper IHS is going to reduce temps by a minimal amount.

Can you Delid a soldered CPU?

You can take the heatspreader off your CPU, replace the thermal compound with a better material, and significantly lower your CPU temperature, with much less risk than you’d take delidding a soldered CPU. … “People are hating on Intel so hard for not soldering,” Hartung explains.

Is the i9 9900k future proof?

In the here and now, the Core i9 9900K is indeed a proper halo product from Intel – astonishingly fast, highly capable and the most future-proof mainstream CPU on the market.

How hot should my i9 9900k get?

With nearly identical power dissipation and identical cooling conditions, we calculate a mean package temperature of 57°C for the Intel Core i9-9900K and 75°C for the Intel Core i7-8700K.

How do you Delid a CPU?

For the uninitiated, delidding is the act of separating the integrated heat spreader (IHS) from the top of your processor, and then replacing the stock thermal paste the manufacturer has used, with something a little more premium, usually liquid metal or a better thermal paste.

Is 3900x future proof?

3900X is not worth extra $330 imo even for streaming. 8 core 16 thread CPU can do streaming just fine. In games the difference between 3700X and 3900X is minimal, under 5%. … If you’re multitasking and gaming, I’d recommend the 3900x for future proofing.

Can you replace a soldered CPU?

Of course a CPU can be replaced. Removing the solder may be needed.

Does the i7 9700k need thermal paste?

Every single processor needs thermal paste. … LinusTechTips had this video where they lapped a processor’s IHS and the heatsink that it connects to, and the system would run, just not well. So short answer is; To use the system to any degree of its potential, yes.

Do I need to overclock my 9700k?

This depends on your computer’s other specs, and what you use your computer for. If your CPU is badly bottlenecked (by your RAM, Storage, or GPU), overclocking your CPU will not significantly help. … But if you’re CPU bottlenecked, overclocking the i9–9700K is often worth it.

Is the i9 9900k worth it in 2020?

The 9900k is a great CPU. It may be overkill for your needs, but it’s extremely powerful. 10nm is not coming in 2020.

Does i9 9900k need liquid cooling?

In other words, if you want to push the 9900K to its max you need to equip it with a potent cooling system. You don’t have to use a liquid AIO cooling system when overclocking though. Remember that you can use a high-end air cooler for overclocking the 9900K.

What is better than i9 9900k?

Clock speeds on the i9-9900K start off a bit lower with a base speed of 3.6 GHz (vs. 3.8 GHz), but Intel’s turbo functionality brings it to 5.0 GHz for two cores, which are well past AMD’s peak turbo spec….Features.Intel Core i9-9900KAMD Ryzen 9 3900XCores / Threads8 / 1612 / 24Base Frequency (GHz)3.63.810 more rows•Jul 12, 2019

Is the i9 9900k overkill?

Absolutely overkill. The loss of hyperthreading in the new 9700k is disappointing, but at least they have decent performance (just not ideal performance for the price). The 9900k though is overpriced and a performance overkill.

Does the 9900k run hot?

Long story short 9900k is a hot cpu for Mobo brands are pusshing it too far out of the box with auto settings. Hell mine was going all 8 cores 5.0 ghrz. … Running 4.7 ghrz on all cores with a 2 fan 240mm aio cooling that cannot push air 100% effectively, maybe 60% ish.

How hot is too hot for CPU?

So how hot can a CPU get? Generally, your processor shouldn’t run at anything greater than 75°C/167°F.