Quick Answer: What Is Drill Down Capability Quizlet?

What is drill down capability?

Drill down is a capability that takes the user from a more general view of the data to a more specific one at the click of a mouse.

For example, a report that shows sales revenue by state can allow the user to select a state, click on it and see sales revenue by county or city within that state..

Which of the following represents the top down executives to analysts organizational levels of information technology systems?

Cards In This SetFrontBackWhich of these systems deals with semi-structured decisions?B. Decision Support Systems11. Which of the following represents the top-down (executives to analysts) organizational levels of information technology systems?C. EIS, DSS, TPS13 more rows•Mar 20, 2020

What is drill across?

Drilling across simply means making separate queries against two or more fact tables where the row headers of each query consist of identical conformed attributes. The answer sets from the two queries are aligned by performing a sort-merge operation on the common dimension attribute row headers.

What is drill up and drill down?

Drill Down and Drill Up (also known as Data Drilling) means to navigate in hierarchical dimensions of data stored in Data Warehouses. … Drill Down is used within Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) to zoom in to more detailed data by Changing Dimensions. Drill Up means to zoom out stepwise (also known as roll up)

What is drill down and rollup in OLAP?

In the cube given in overview section, the drill down operation is performed by moving down in the concept hierarchy of Time dimension (Quarter -> Month). Roll up: It is just opposite of the drill-down operation. It performs aggregation on the OLAP cube. It can be done by: Climbing up in the concept hierarchy.

How is drill down along a dimension is achieved?

When you drill down on a measure in a report with at least one By and one Across dimension field from different root dimensions, the By fields are broken down to their last dimension level, then the Across fields are broken down. The original By and Across fields are removed.

What is drilling down in data warehouse?

Drilling down in a relational database means “adding a row header” to an existing SELECT statement. For instance, if you’re analyzing the sales of products at a manufacturer level, the select list of the query reads SELECT MANUFACTURER, SUM(SALES) .

What is consolidation CIS?

Consolidation. Involves the aggregation of information and features simple roll-ups to complex groupings of interrelated information. Many organizations track financial information at a regional level and then consolidate the information at a single global level.

What is a drill down question?

Drill Down questions allow users to select an answer by narrowing down their choice from a general category to a specific category. For example, you could first have users select which state they live in, and then select a city within that state.

What does the drill down tool do?

Drill down allows users to explore multidimensional data by navigating from one level down to a more detailed level. This allows users to view aggregated, summary data and then hierarchically explore deeper levels of the data for more specific analysis.

How do you implement drill down or drill through in SSRS report?

To enable the SSRS Drill down action, first, go to Row groups pane, and right-click on the Product Category Name will open the context menu. From the context, Please select Group Properties.. option, as shown in the below screenshot. Once you select the Group Properties..